Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Bible

I normally never talk about the bible or religons, because you never know who you will hurt. This will be the only time I talk about it.
For everyone that takes their life now and doesn't do things that is not said in the bible, it's bullshit. You eat at fast food places, you shop at malls, point being don't judge someone on how to act or be because the bible says it that way.
Gays and lesbians don't wake up and say how can I make the christians hate me. I'm bisexual and I'm not that way because I'm against the bible, I was born this way.
Vegans and vegitarians. I'm a vegan, and it's just a different diet. I don't do it for animal rights, I do it because it is a very heathy diet.
Tattoos and peircings. I have a tattoo and my ears are pierced, i see it at body art. It's not to be against the bible.
People who base their lifes on the bible, your fucking yourself. Realize there are different ways to life and still be religous. Do not judge someone because they do not follow the bible or your religon, that's how wars and hate is started. Do not ignor it because then you are ignoring the wonders of life. Take my words in and if you disagree with me well all I can say is thank you for reading this.